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Academic Heights Public Schools, with its 100 schools across the country, strives to instill the value of education to the subconscious level of the students. Thus at AHPS, education is an inspiration not a compulsion. The intuitive instructional methods have been practiced to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of the pupils. The idea is to empower the students with creative and imaginative instincts that will give them better problem-solving skills in every aspect of life.

AHPS, with its modern schools equipped with all facilities, aims at chiseling the young brains to make them winners in their lives. The students passed out from AHPS are the real assets to the society and the nation.


AHPS aims at bringing excellence in the field of education by incorporating modern means of imparting knowledge which is intact with our traditional values. With children’s all round development and growth in mind, AHPS conceptualizes a school that has:-

  • world-class infrastructure;
  • dedicated and efficient teachers with the best teaching methodology; and
  • the innovatively designed curriculum focussed on imparting knowledge and fostering creative talents.


AHPS strives for mentoring children to be future leaders through excellent teaching methodologies, incorporating unparallel creative learning concepts, and ensuring mental and physical growth, and hence developing the quality of leadership in every child to drive the growth of the society and the nation at large. AHPS endeavors to transform the entire education scenario of the nation by incorporating extensive measures in shaping the young brains on contemporary and futuristic issues.


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