Admission Process

The admission procedure to AHPS that follows CBSE syllabus, is simple and straightforward. Follow the steps below:

  • Parents are requested to fill in the Registration Form that can be obtained from the school.
  • The information from the above is used to see if the child meets the admission criteria
  • Parents are invited to fill out the Admission Form and all other necessary documents, including Medical History form and Acquaintance Form in order to complete the admission process.
  • Please ensure that the Required Documents (see the list below) are brought to the school during admission.

For all other queries, parents are requested to schedule a meeting with the school coordinator.

Required Documents List

  • Birth Certificate (original copy and one photocopy. The latter will be retained by the school).
  • Transfer Certificate (if applicable)
  • 3 passport size photograph of each child & one each of parents/guardian
  • Photocopy of resident proof (Voter Id/Ration card/Passport)
  • Medical history records and other details about the child that may be important.


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Co Curricular Activities

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