Rules & Regulations for Students

  • The student's planner should be brought to the school daily; it is an important communication bridge between the teachers and the parents.

  • Students should reach school 5 minutes before the bell rings for the assembly. Punctuapty and Regularity are important parts of schoopng.

  • Students should behave with dignity and maintain decorum in and outside the school. Faipng to do so will attract discippnary action. Students are responsible to the school authorities for their conduct, both in and outside the school.

  • Irregular attendance, habitual idleness and disobedience to the moral tone of the school are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of a student.

  • Students must come in tidy uniform to school and not wear ornaments and/or fancy things. Nails should always be trimmed and boys should keep their hair short.

  • No student will be exempted from games, yoga and morning assembly without a medical certificate.

  • No student will be allowed to go home during school hours. Exception can be made, only in case of utmost emergency, with the permission of the Principal.

  • Students have to bear the cost of damage or loss of any school furniture and property.

  • Students are strictly forbidden to purchase any eatables from vendors found around and outside the school premises.

  • Use of mobile phones or any electronic item is strictly prohibited in the school.

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Co Curricular Activities

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